Sander Diepenbroek


Hi everybody, I started as treasurer in April 2023 and am now chairman at BRES. My duties include chairing GA’s and board meetings, keeping an overview and taking on tasks where necessary. Furthermore, I am the face of the association. I really enjoy knowing how things work and how things go in the background with regard to housing. There is much more to a tenant organization than you might think at first glance. I think it is important that we are easily accessible to our tenants and partners so that we can respond quickly. In addition, we all remain committed to the BRES ideals; to promote and maintain affordable, reasonable and fair student housing at DUWO.

Do you want to know more? Come by the office? Or do you own such a nice BRES tea cup? Please send an email to or to the other boardmembers!

Daniël Scheurwater


Hey everyone, I have been the secretary for BRES since April 2023 and therefore also take care of this website. I also take the minutes, manage general email and do the administration. If you have any questions about BRES in general or would like to request old minutes, for example, please email to my email. I live on Hildebrandpad and have personally experienced how annoying certain problems can be as a tenant. That is why I attach great importance to good communication. Furthermore, I am 24, I study International Relations in Leiden and in my spare time I like to play chess and read.

Hein van Lieshout


Hello all! My name is Hein van Lieshout and I have become treasurer of BRES. In daily life I study Civil Law and Corporate Law at Leiden University and I have a part-time job at a law firm in the real estate section. I already have some experience with tenancy law and the possibilities as a tenants’ association. In my spare time I like to have a drink and (when the weather is good) I can be found on my racing bike. In the coming period, we plan to continue the professionalization process started by Sander in the financial field. In addition, I look forward to working for your interests!

Ruurd de Wit

External Affairs

Since September 2021, I have held the position External Affairs within the board of BRES. As an external board member, I provide Duwo with solicited and unsolicited advice on the policy being pursued. I also think about future policy and try to represent the interests of the renting students as best as possible. Where possible, we collaborate with our sister associations in Delft, The Hague and Amstelveen.

I study Security Studies and Public Administration at Leiden University. I have been living in a Duwo house since September 2019. As a tenant of Duwo, I have experienced in practice the problems that can arise. Through BRES, I am happy to work to solve these problems at an administrative level and thus represent the students who rent from Duwo.


External Affairs

Mirko Smeets


Hi everyone, My name is Mirko Smeets, from November 2023 I will fulfill the position Local within the board of BRES. This means that I handle complaints and questions you have and try to resolve them as best as possible! I have been living in Leiden in a DUWO house for more than three years and I also study public administration. I have been a student resident assistant in my building for a year and I know that communication with DUWO can sometimes be difficult and that things can sometimes go wrong. Through BRES I hope to ensure better communication and to help you with any questions or problems! You can reach me for this at

Wim Janssens

Internal Affairs

My name is Wim and I have been on the board of BRES since November 2023. My role within the board is to strengthen the bond with our residents’ committees, so that we can send signals to DUWO more quickly as soon as there is dissatisfaction with a particular building. Because I have been on a residents’ committee myself, I know what it is like to operate in this way and where the difficulties lie. Let’s build a living environment together in which everyone’s voice is heard. Feel free to contact me for any suggestions or questions. My email is